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Hoofcare Essentials Clinics - Hosts Wanted!

Click Here for an application to host a Hoofcare Essentials Clinic. 

We ask hosts to provide a venue for the event including an appropriate number of chairs, tables for our Educational Partners to showcase their products and/or services, coffee, donuts and lunch.  In turn, the Hoofcare Essentials Foundation will work with the host to identify either one (1) or two (2) clinicians.  Included in this identification, will be a selection of topics which the clinician has previously presented and which the host believes will be a benefit to their clientele and clinic attendees. 

The Foundation will enter into an agreement with the clinician(s) whereby the clinician is compensated for his/her time, including travel days, transportation and lodging.  Please contact the Foundation's office at 561-914-8278 for additional information.